Apostolic Churches of Jesus Christ

God has ushered the worldwide church into an exciting new era of opportunity and ministerial breakthrough. The world, on the other hand, has never seen anything similar or anything of this magnitude – everything is crumbling down. The political, economical, social, environmental and moral crisis is unprecedented. People are starting to realize that the foundations of the world’s system are not permanent, and are thus struggling with self-doubt regarding their future, and are plagued with insecurity as never before. Everything in the world is uncertain, however, the Lord will be high and lifted up and his church will rise to new heights!

The Apostolic Churches of Jesus Christ strives to cast a World Wide Vision in these last days. The church has never experienced anything of this nature before and God has a powerful, uplifting
message about the future of the church – our future. Birthed apostolically some 2,000 years ago, the church is undergoing dynamic transformation – metamorphosis, to become once again true to its original nature. God himself has orchestrated this season of apostolic governmental authority and the releasing of apostolic strategies to bring about this great worldwide harvest!